5 Reasons to Get Your Boat Detailed

Summer sunshine in the Pacific Northwest feels downright divine after months of drab and gloom. With peak summer weather rapidly coming, you’ll want to spend as much time as possible on the lake. A skilled detailing will enhance the appearance of your yacht while also protecting it from UV rays. The following are five advantages to having your yacht professionally detailed.

Protection Against the Sun

Waxing the surface of the boat helps prevent it from excessive sun exposure, which can harm the paint job. Interior components might also be damaged by the sun, therefore it’s critical to protect them as well.


When you have a skilled professional detail your boat, it will emerge looking sleek and shiny. If you enjoy getting out on the water for Seafair, you’ll want your boat to look its best.

Remove Debris

Sand, salt, and other detritus not only detract from the aesthetic of your boat, they can also cause mechanical problems. Sand and salt will be carefully removed from all areas of the vessel during a professional boat detailing. Additionally, if your boat has a cabin, you can completely clean it of all trash.

Reduced Drag

Having your boat detailed can actually increase performance by ensuring that it is exceptionally smooth, which minimizes drag and enables you to push forward more effortlessly.

Increase the Resale Value

Maintaining routine maintenance procedures, such as detailing, helps to guarantee that the value of your boat remains intact. When the time comes to sell, this will increase the appeal of your yacht to prospective buyers—-ultimately assisting you in obtaining the highest possible price.

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