Preparing Your Car for the Summer with Auto Detailing!

Even though summer is a few weeks away, it is better to prepare your car for the hot weather.   As the sun gets hotter and longer each day, it will ask you to apply a treatment to help protect its surfaces. You should take your car to a professional detailer to guarantee that it looks excellent for years to come. Detail services are required to avoid damage to your car caused by the sun’s UV rays and other weather-related issues and go beyond simple waxing and vacuuming (though these are crucial, too). Here’s how a detailer may help you keep your automobile in good shape!

Waxing for automobiles

The sun’s intense UV rays can cause paint to fade, crack, or bubble, especially if it’s an aftermarket paint job. Protecting your vehicle’s finish from fading and other sorts of damage can be as simple as using the right waxing supplies. If your car hasn’t been waxed in a while, it’s a good idea to have a professional do it for you, as this will ensure that it’s done correctly and provides the best protection against oxidation and other problems. This is especially true for red-car drivers, as red paint is more susceptible to sun damage.

Sealant for Windows

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be in the Portland/Boise area, so it’s crucial to be prepared for anything. Using a sealer on all external windows will make driving safer and easier in the event of a sudden downpour. Discuss which products are best for your vehicle with the detailer.

Interior Protection

The sun can also cause harm to the interior of your vehicle. Whether your vehicle has leather, vinyl, or cloth upholstery, it must be protected. A skilled car detailer will know exactly which treatments to use on your car’s materials to protect it from the sun’s UV radiation, which can cause fading and cracking.

Call Tans Auto Detailing for professional auto detailing in the Portland / Boise area if you need help getting your car ready for summer. Our team of professionals knows exactly which things to use to keep your car safe this summer. Call 360-502-7667 today for more information or to arrange an appointment for expert auto detailing in Vancouver, WAshington.