Leather Cleaning

If your vehicle has a leather interior, it is critical to keep it clean and hydrated/conditioned to prolong its life and structure. Due to the fact that leather is primarily an animal rawhide, if it is not properly cared for and maintained, it can become encrusted with dirt, discolored, and worn extremely rapidly. If you own a car with a dirty, worn-out leather upholstery, this indicates that the remainder of the vehicle has not been properly cared for and maintained.

It is critical to hydrate/condition your leather once it has been cleaned to prevent it from drying out. If leather is allowed to dry out, it will begin to wear considerably more quickly and may crack, especially when exposed to direct sunshine, as in a convertible. Keeping your leather hydrated and conditioned also helps to preserve the leather’s natural aroma, which fades over time but may be extended with routine cleaning and upkeep.

How frequently your leather should be cleaned is determined by its age and overall condition. Ideally, it should be fully cleaned and condition prior to use to ensure the greatest possible condition, and then simply maintained on a regular basis to retain that clean condition. Once your leather has been thoroughly cleaned, which should be done approximately every 6-12 months, it can be vacuumed and maintained weekly or monthly, depending on the vehicle’s usage and the owner’s preferences.

Prior to cleaning your leather, it should be carefully cleaned to remove any loose dirt and particles; using a soft brush attachment or a crevice tool in conjunction with a soft detailing brush will enable you to get into all areas and avoid inflicting any harm. To clean the leather’s surface, a specific leather cleaning product should be used and applied with a microfiber applicator pad.

A firm bristles detailing brush or nail bush can be used to help remove debris from the grain of the leather, although caution should be exercised not to overwork the region, as this may result in excessive wear/damage. After that, a dedicated hydrating/conditioning solution should be used to maintain the suppleness of your leather, again applied using a microfiber applicator pad.

After applying and working in the ingredients or allowing them to absorb, the leather should be polished with a clean, dry microfiber towel. After vacuuming, leather should be maintained with a moist microfiber towel and, if necessary, a light specified cleaning agent.